Volume Normalizer plugin for XMMS

Current version: 0.8.3

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Version 0.8.3:

  • Fixed build issues to make it build on x86-64 and detect missing xmms-devel files.

Version 0.4.1:

  • Fixed a memory leak that was introduced in 0.4

Version 0.4:

  • Fixed installation bugs.
  • Fixed configuration dialog problem where the configurations would get lost sometimes.

Version 0.3.5:

  • Changed the way silence level is computed, it is now equivalent to power level, and fixed the default value of silence level to something better.
  • Various other changes to remove the artifacts, it now sounds very good.

Version 0.3.4:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the normalizing level to be set to 15.0 instead of 0.25, this would have produced some bad sounds.

Version 0.3.3:

  • Changed variable max_level to max_mult to solve the problem of missing max_mult when loading plugin.
  • Hopefully solved for good the problem that caused the plugin to be unloadable.

Version 0.3.2:

  • Fixed another bug that prevented compilation, I hope this is the last one.
  • Changed to use config.h in order to improve maintainability.
  • Some small tweaks to improve code readability.

Version 0.3.1:

  • Added two variables I forgot about, this version should actually work.

Version 0.3:

  • Added methods that are intended to remove the problem of artifacts at the beginning of songs, this is untested since my current devel machine has no sound card. Please test it and let me know.

Version 0.2:

  • Added song change detection, we now reset normalization data when the song changes.
  • Removed debug printing, no need for these in the release version.

Version 0.1:

  • Initial public release.

This page was last modified on June 28, 2005.