Volume Normalizer plugin for XMMS

Current version: 0.8.3

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Similar Projects

The following are Open-Source projects that are similar to this project. The projects I'm aware of only handle WAV files and are best for use when ripping discs, before MP3-ing them (or Ogg Vorbis-ing them), another use is before burning a collection disc.

The first normalizing program I encountered was the WavNorm by Duncan, It is a pretty simple program that simply normalizes the file by making the peaks be at the maximum level, It is pretty good but the volume not always sounds the same.

The second program I found and based my plugin on was Normalize by Chris Vaill, it uses the RMS (Root Mean Square) method with a smoothing filter to get the result, and it works very well. It's not perfect but it does an overall very good job.

The third is a snippet I was referred to by a user of my program, this is code for the EMpeg machine written by Richard Lovejoy. [ Homepage ]

The fourth is a program based on WavNorm, called WavLevel and extends WavNorm by having additional algorithms to choose from. I am yet to test it on actual sound to compare it to to the others.

TomSteady - a similar plugin for WinAmp

I've received a word from Tom St. Denis about his program TomSteady that performs a similar task to mine, it also has source code posted which I will go over when time permits.

This page was last modified on June 28, 2005